Promoting the game we love

We exist to promote the game we love and through a shared appreciation of the game, this objective is embraced my our member clubs and individual members within those clubs.

What ever level they play at squash players tend to be fiercely competitive, but are also incredibly fair-minded; we believe this is the nature of the game and its borne out in the strong social aspect of the sport. We very much encourage this social dimension.

There have never been so many competing pastimes for children and adults alike, both virtual and real. The choice of hobbies is limited only by an individual’s time and budget. So, whilst the heyday of squash might have passed, we are encourage there is a strong and vibrant squash scene in Wales and we like to think we play our part in that.

Whether it be providing a competitive framework for established players, or encouraging school-aged players to try the sport, there are many ways in which we support our clubs and promote the game in Gwent, including:

  • organising winter leagues in which all our member clubs enter teams
  • organising regular knock-out competitions
  • organising inter-county events and providing an opportunity for the county’s squash talent to play peers at a national level
  • providing free marker courses and encouraging stronger officiating
  • working with our friends at Wales Squash and Racketball and other county associations to promote the game to youngsters
  • providing support for junior divisions and ensuring the highest standards of child welfare
  • providing discounted squash supplies to clubs

Whilst we have a full governance framework in place and a formal written constitution, we are staffed on a part-time basis by volunteers who have a real passion for the game and its promotion.  We also rely on the goodwill and hard work of those individuals at each of our member clubs who give-up their time for free in assisting us in these objectives.