Here you will find information relating to how we are organised and the affairs of our committee and internal constitution.

Our constitution

Our constitution is a written framework that determines what we do and how we do it. Its been a little while since this has been reviewed to take into account developments within the game and ways of working. Our committee is currently considering whether changes to our constitution are desirable and appropriate and our members will soon be given the opportunity to consider these proposals. In the meantime our existing constitution can be found here.


Following the committee meeting held on 1 September 2019 our rules have been recently updated.

AGM 2020

This year’s AGM shall take place at 6pm on Sunday 5 July. Due to on-going social distancing measures the meeting shall take place virtually. An agenda has been circulated to all clubs and minutes and meeting presentations shall be made available in due course.

Committee Meeting 18 December 2018.

The Spring pre-season committee meeting was held on Tuesday 18 December at Monmouth Leisure Centre. A number of important rule changes were proposed, voted upon and subsequently passed. The most significant changes are the adoption of a marker bonus point for both the home and away legs and the introduction of a new penalty regime in cases where teams forfeit a fixture during the last two rounds in any season.

The material presented during the meeting can be found here. The minutes of the meeting are here. All clubs attended and will receive ten bonus points for each team in their clubs at the start of the Spring season.

Committee Meeting 2 September 2018.

The pre-season committee meeting was held on Sunday 2 September at Monmouth Leisure Centre. The agenda can be found here and the material presented during the meeting can be found here. The minutes of the meeting are here. Many thanks to all clubs that attended. The date of the next meeting is to be confirmed but will likely be the last weekend before Christmas.

AGM May 2018

The committee met with representatives of all member clubs on Sunday 13 May 2018 for the Association’s AGM. The minutes of the meeting can be found here.

Committee meeting December 2017

The committee met with club representatives ahead of the Spring 2018 season, the minutes are now available.